Florida 2009

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kate AKA Hannah Montana!!!!

Kate has been sick this weekend. So by Sunday afternoon we needed an outing... WALMART! As I was shopping I turned around and there was a small version of Hannah Montana or my sweet Kate. I was laughing so hard I was crying, I could not talk. So of course, I whipped out the camera to document what Roger had done. Had to share this with everyone.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I really love my.....

Silver Rattle and Miller

Kate goes all around the house with this silver rattle in her mouth. Can't quite figure it out but she loves it. Also of course the dog, Miller. She almost terrorizes him. She loves to pull his hair, ears, and tail. Sweet dog does not mind, but usually runs from her!
P.S. This is how our wild hair looks when we wake up in the mornings. Also Kate turned 10 months on September 9th. I love you sweet girl!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

More pics of my haircut...(scroll down for original post)

What a weight off.
Probably watching Miller, I chase him around
Love to clap
I think I am a big girl these days pulling up
Mom, I am tired and ready to go to bed, enough pictures

Big weekend! First Ole Miss Football Game/ First Haircut!

I have had enough!! I don't want to take a pic right now!
Wow, I am hot.
Having fun in the Grove
Kate has had a big weekend! Yes, she experienced the Grove and Vaught/Hemingway Stadium aka Ole Miss Football!!!! We are starting her early. The heat was almost unbearable, but she did really well. As you can see she sweated the whole time but overall she enjoyed it. It did exhaust her. Then Sunday night I finally decided it was time to trim the "rat tail". Gosh, I hate to call it that because her hair is so pretty. But Roger and I gave it a little trim and it looks too cute. So here are pics from a big weekend.

My First Birthday!

Delivery Day!

Kate is here!