Florida 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Grocery/Walmart

smiling and happy

Do I look like I might have chicken pox? Don't think soo...
told her to say "cheese" before I took this and she did!

Ok, well it is a struggle these days with Kate anytime we go to the Grocery or Walmart. She no longer sits in the buggy, we usually stand up in the larger part. Sometimes even this does not work and we are the screaming child in the store b/c she wants down. I bring treats, juices, toys, etc. I have even attempted new grocery stores due to the buggy selection. Very sad, but you do what you got to do. The other day I caught her as she was falling head first out of the Walgreens buggy. Whew! Anyway today at Brookshire, we found a new type. She did not make a peep!!! It was kinda like a fair ride I think. Although I had doubts (b/c it straps like the car seat, which is another post I need to talk about) but she loved it. I had to document the trip!!!
P.S. Update on chickenpox- Well I feel like we have played "hookey". Kate did have 4 spots on her abdomen but they were very MINOR to say the least.It never bothered her one bit. So I am still not sure if it was a very mild case or something else. But three are gone today and the most suspicious one has scabbed over. So think we are returning to school tomorrow for sure!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is this face?
Day at home with Momma, loved this robe, in fact, wore it all
day, but had to put her shoes on with it?

This weekend, we finally have enough hair
for a ponytail.

I sure love my Miller.
Kate continues to just grow up so quickly and she is becoming a sweet little girl. We talk all the time. We know how to say "thank you" but please is when she says, "Momma, Momma, Momma". We are working on that. She and Miller are big buddies, especially since she feeds him everything, or at least lets him lick her food, nasty. We are having so much fun these days. Just sharing a few of our recent pics.

My First Birthday!

Delivery Day!

Kate is here!