Florida 2009

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Big Girl!!!

I love to get under the sink and find the cleaning supplies!
I also love to come to this window and pull of the alarm system
cover and attempt to disconnect the system. I continue to get
into trouble, but this does not stop me! HeHe!!!

Can't stop me now I am walking everywhere!

Getting ready for my 1 year appointment
My sweet girl
It has been awhile since I posted. Sorry but we have had a lot going on and this one keeps
me extremely busy! We are into mom right now so there is little time alone these days. We
are walking, talking, throwing some temper tantrums, and just growing up. We are getting ear tubes on Friday due to recurrent ear infections, so I hope she will get some relief. Still she is the
sweetest thing. Our favorite word is "Uh Oh", and we think it's funny to throw our food off the high chair and say "Uh Oh". We also love waving and saying "Bye Bye" and we like to blow kisses. Also we think every animal makes the sound like a dog "Woof Woof", still working on that.

My First Birthday!

Delivery Day!

Kate is here!